My wife, Jill Smith (Names changed for policy holder privacy) , underwent breast cancer treatment this past year and Melina was extremely helpful in filing all the claims available through Aflac. I was Jill’s primary caregiver and until I went through this experience, I never would have known how consuming it can be both physically and mentally. To have the relief from first, deciphering what benefits are available, and then filing the claims, was a huge benefit in and of itself. Melina informed us of coverage we may not have realized ourselves and then took all the steps to contact the physicians’ offices, obtain necessary information, and complete the claims. And what was most surprising and refreshing to me was that she did it proactively. My dealings in the past with insurance companies more typically has been complicated and frustrating. Usually it is a challenge to navigate the system to learn all the benefits available, work through complex claims processes, and find the one person who can resolve a particular issue or who wouldn’t say “no” to our request for earned benefits. Insurance companies get a bad rap for just that reason. But in this case, working with Melina through Aflac has been wonderful. It may be in part to Aflac’s processes, but even if that were the case, Melina still went above and beyond the call of duty for us and did it with kindness and compassion.

I own a small business with 26 employees and from the inside it is not often possible to really know how our customers and vendors perceive our staff. I may have my own perception based on my interactions with the employee, but that is entirely different from the experience people outside our organization would have. And quite honestly, their experience and their opinion is far more important as they are the lifeblood of our enterprise…without them we cannot exist. So, whenever I get feedback from a customer, good or bad, I truly value that input. That is why I thought it important to send you this note.

Simply put, Melina is a tremendous asset to your organization and I just wanted you to know that. And as an employer, I would suggest you do whatever you can to keep her happy in her position so she stays on board!

Thanks to Melina and to Aflac for all the assistance and benefits we received this past year. I don’t think I have ever endorsed or recommended a particular insurance benefits company to anyone, but I do tout Aflac, and our Benefits Advisor Melina Lopez, to anyone who will listen.


Business owner, Policy Holder and Husband of a breast cancer survivor

Hi Mr. Mendez,

I spoke with Lizzy earlier today regarding my Aflec policies and then you regarding my experience with her. You asked I email you in regards to my conversation with her. I've had 2 policies with Aflec for close to 4 years and this is my first time possibly needing to use one of my policies, my other policy doesn't apply for what I'm needing. I was recently hospitalized last week and needless to say have had to make numerous phone calls in regards to benefits etc, however today was the first time contacting Aflec. I understand Lizzy Sanchez, I believe that's her last name, is new but she is extremely exceptional at her job and customer service. She was by far the most pleasant and helpful person I've spoken to for all the calls and people I've spoken with. She went above and beyond to help me with questions I had and explaining everything to me. She was so kind, understanding, and helpful to me. She put me at ease with everything, emailed the forms I needed immediately, and truly showed she cared about me and my situation. The list of kind words and job well done could go on, but I wish there were more people like her to assist in any questions someone may have, take the time to explain things to clients, and do it in such a kind manner.

Being a single mother every penny counts to me and I've often thought of canceling my policies to save money. Due to the experience I had with Lizzy today I definitely will not nor think of canceling my policies. More employers should have employees like her!

Thank you for your time.


Nikki Cress