According to, they call the “Rise of Voluntary Benefits a Game Changer”. It is predicted that Voluntary Benefits will continue to increase in popularity as a solid no cost solution to enhance company benefits. Most industry experts will call voluntary products a Win-Win-Win.

Why Employers Choose Voluntary?

  • Added Benefits– Enhance company benefits at No Cost to the employer
  • Wellness Benefits– Cash Benefits paid directly to policyholders for preventive care and wellness screenings
  • Freedom of Choice- Employees elect coverage that address their specific areas of concern to protect themselves & their families
  • Impact Bottom Line– Many Voluntary Benefits can be deducted pre-tax, therefore, offering a positive impact to the bottom line for both the employer and employee
  • Improve Employee Moral– Employees will appreciate having access to additional benefits through the convenience of payroll deduction. When an illness or injury occurs, employees will have peace of mind as these programs will keep them financially afloat.
  • Attraction & Retention– Benefits are at the top of the list for reasons why employees join or depart a company.