VBA is not only committed to planning and executing open enrollment solutions. Our services go well beyond enrollment to provide ease of administration. Our agency is designed to act as an extension of the broker team and HR department. We offer a variety of services to help offload the work with new hire benefits, onboarding, billing, claims and more.

Client Relationship Manager: Each client is assigned a client relationship manager as their direct point of contact for ongoing service and support.

Ongoing Enrollment Support: New hire enrollments are handled via our call center, we can customize a strategy to accommodate a company’s new hires on a monthly basis.

Billing Support: VBA has a billing department specifically designed to assist with any billing issues that may arise throughout the year. Most importantly, our billing team will do a first invoice audit after open enrollment to ensure clean billing from the start.

Claims Advocacy Team: Our claims department provides concierge services to employees to help them navigate the claims process for any of their voluntary worksite benefits. Our team will act as the conduit between the carrier and the employee to assist them to process their claim quickly.

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